PAFDA Functions

PAFDA in its meeting held on 18.12.2015 directed for the new state of the art 3 in 1 testing laboratory in Lahore near the existing Punjab Forensic Science Agency and shall include following:

a)   Laboratory for testing medicines / drug both for human consumption and veterinary purpose.
b)   Laboratory for testing foods, raw food, processed food.
c)   Laboratory for testing agriculture inputs: pesticides and fertilizers.

During the meeting of the PAFDA Authority held on 19.07.2016 it was decided that a state of the Art Complex shall be built at Thokar Niaz Beg and shall be named as "Science Enclave". These laboratories shall be spearheaded by totally autonomous body having representation from all the stake holders from the private sector as well as the government and is known as Punjab Agriculture, Food and Drug Authority (PAFDA) which is fully financed by the Government of Punjab (GoPb).
Accordingly, Punjab, Agriculture, food and Drug Authority Act 2016 was promulgated with the assent of Provincial Assembly and following mandate assigned to the PAFDA:

a)   Being a highly sophisticated lab PAFDA has a mandate to do research and development in the area of food, agriculture inputs, pharma and allied areas as a main activity.
b)   Establishment of Punjab Agriculture, Food and Drug Authority
c)   Comprehensive restructuring of existing testing regime
d)   Establish and manage the testing facilities in Fertilizer, Pesticide, Food and Drugs (Phase-I)
e)   Upgrade existing facilities and absorb in PAFDA (Phase-II)
f)   Procure, operate and maintain the scientific instruments
g)   SOPs for the collection, preservation and handling of samples
h)   Expert opinion with regard to the forensic examinations
i)   Obtain and maintain international accreditation for laboratories
j)   Operational autonomy and neutrality

PAFDA is an autonomous and statutory body under the administrative control of the Services and General Administration Department, Government of the Punjab. Authority consists of a Director General and three Members (Food, Agriculture and Pharma). Through the legislation PAFDA has been made responsible for protecting the public health by ensuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs.